Why so Judgemental?

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Everyone might have encountered with judgemental people in their life or sometimes may be surrounded with them all the time.”Look, how ugly is he/she looking!!!”, “He/She has got no dressing sense at all”, “You seem to be very happy, lottery lag gayi kya?”, “oh! She does not know how to cook. She is a bad wife.”. 
If you get to hear such type of comments in your day-to-day life then there are strong chances that you are surrounded by people who are judgemental.
Why to judge people from the hair on their head to the sole of their feet???
Such comments make you wonder ‘Why are some people being so concerned about others’ appearance, feelings?’
Making irrational comments, passing some judgement which is meant to represent others negatively is called being judgemental.
People may feel that they are perfect in every aspect of life and start judging others based on the things they do not like about themselves. Or, people may judge others or find flaws in others as a result of jealousy, expectations etc.
In a scenario where Person A and Person B are collegues; Person A is achieving great heights in his/her career then Person B might get jealous. And out of jealousy person B might pass some judgement about Person A.Here person B is jealous because he/she feels insecure and wants himself/herself to be above others. He/She is being ambitious but his/her ambition is driven by envy.This creates competition which can be destructive. To get going in the competition Person B might pass some irrational judgements.Instead of Person B being jealous, he/she should focus on his own talent and showcase the same.
People perceive you to be ‘good,bad/horrible’ person based on incidents.For e.g: Suppose, actor A yelled at media, then we cannot pass our judgement about the actor being bad.People perceive that person to be bad despite his good behaviour later.Actor A might be a good natured person but it is just that he might be having a bad day so he misbehaved.
We also at some point of time might have become judgemental.I pondered over why to be judgemental when you have everything you could have.Instead, focus on yourself in your life. Invest some time in yourself instead of criticizing others.
People need to stop being judgemental: stop gossiping about others, stop judging people based on their appearance, stop forming opinion about others without knowing the person, stop being insecure.
Being jealous and judgemental is just a waste of time.Focus on your talent which will help you achieve greater heights in life.

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