Elbow replacement surgery – First in Sindhudurg at Lifetime hospital

Many people have benefited by the treatments provided at SSPM Lifetime Super-speciality Hospital at Sindhudurg.

A recent addition to the list of patients benefited is Deepali Ghadi. A resident of village Mahan of taluka Malavan in Sindhudurga, Deepali aged 45 years was suffering from joint pain in left hand for the past 15 years.
She could hardly operate her left hand with the movement of her joint being only 10 degrees. Before getting treated at SSPM Lifetime Super-speciality hospital, she had consulted many other places for treatment but in vain.
After she came to SSPM Lifetime hospital, she was advised physiotherapy and continued doing so for 2 months until orthopaedic doctors at SSPM Lifetime Hospital suggested her about joint replacement surgery as there was no reduction in her pain in the joint even after Physiotherapy. Doctors suggested elbow replacement as the only option for the cure.
On November 3, Dr Vaibhav Antrolikar, Dr Sarvesh Boche, Dr.Nagesh Naik under the guidance of Dr R.S. Kulkarni performed the surgery.
Doctors at SSPM Lifetime Hospital with their expertise have made the surgery successful thus giving relief to Deepali Ghadi and her family.
After the surgery, Deepali is relieved from the pain and her hand has now become functional unlike earlier.
Deepali Ghadi and her family cannot thank enough to the doctors at SSPM Lifetime Hospital who carried out the surgery.

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