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Ruler Vs. Leader

Hello Friends,

Many of you might be wondering if there is at all any difference between a Ruler and a Leader. But, as our title suggests there certainly is.

Actually, speaking Rulers and Leaders are the same in terms of kind of work they do but they are different in the manner how do they get the work done.

Oh, the above sentence got you confused!!!

Let us get it clarified.

Who is a Ruler: Ruler is a person who rules, dominates, guides people by claiming authority over others.

Who is a Leader: As opposed to Ruler, a Leader is a person who leads, guides without claiming authority over others.

Rulers and Leaders are of the people, by the people and for the people with the only difference being the way of imposition of rules.

Rulers exercise power/authority and consider themselves to be above all others whose duty is to rule and get the work done.
whereas, Leaders consider themselves to be someone among the people whose duty is to guide/help and get the work done.

Rulers are also known to guide people but not without dominating or claiming authority.

Rulers work based on the law of rule, power, authority to tell or command the people to do things in a certain way.
Leaders, on the other hand, work based on the law of cordial relationship where they convince people to do things in a certain way.

At our workplace as well, we see people who are commanding and like to get full control over the team/people to get their work done. We call such people as ruler.

Whereas, on the other hand, some people like to get the work done without controlling the team/people but guide them towards the completion of work. They are Leaders.

Now, Which one do you want to become? The choice is up to you.

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