Nitesh Rane – A visionary leader

With Maharashtra assembly elections nearing, people are mighty confused about whom to elect.
But, it seems this scenario does not hold true about Kankavli’s constituency.
The reason being an eligible, capable and strong candidate contesting the election.
This contestant is none other than Mr Nitesh Narayan Rane.

He is referred to as the most eligible candidate as his magnitude of works speaks for himself.
The list of his contributions to the welfare of people is endless. His work seems to be visionary and of international standards.
With his contemporary approach towards work, he started India’s first container theatre in Devgad which was appreciated by many Bollywood celebrities including Arjun Rampal.
The idea behind this concept was to give a unique theatre experience to the people of Devgad.
His work also includes building a wax museum which has 22 wax statues installed.
With the idea of providing professional cricket training for the emerging as well as interested players, “Vinod Kambli Cricket Academy” is started by Mr Nitesh Rane.
Ganapati festival is the most celebrated festival of Konkan. During this period people of Konkan residing in Mumbai travel to Konkan.  The journey from Mumbai to Konkan was made affordable for people with the fare being Rs. 100 only. Every year people in large numbers make the most of this opportunity. This year the count is 4500 people who travelled at this reasonable fare.
Giving priority to education, he made possible digitalization of 200 government schools during his tenure of being an MLA.
His upcoming projects prioritizing education include “Potdar International School” to give quality education to the children.
One of his upcoming projects also includes a garbage processing unit. This processing unit is said to be India’s largest.
He has created many job opportunities for local people through various means.
Looking at his visionary and fast-paced work, he surely is going to turn Kankavli to California without letting Konkan loose it’s cultural heritage.

He is constantly striving for the development and the welfare of the people.
With all these achievements, he stands strong in Kankavli. No other candidate can match up to his calibre and contribution.
Let us all pledge to vote for Mr Nitesh Narayan Rane and elect him the MLA of Kankavli constituency.

Nitin Patil ( Business Head, SNP Software )

About Neitin Patil

Mr. Nitin Patil is a B.Tech Software Engineer by profession. He, with the dream of establishing his own company started ITDrivenn Pvt. Ltd. Prior to ITDrivenn, he owned a propriotership firm with the name of SNP Software which provided services like Website Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimization, e-Commerce, Content Management System, Social Media Marketing. But, he had a goal of making his company reach higher heights and make it’s reach global. Hence, started ITDrivenn Pvt. Ltd.

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