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From stone age to the robotic age

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How much a human has evolved is not a lesser-known fact to anyone. We have already been educated about it during our primary learning days. Right from hunting for food to the adaptation to the ecological conditions, survival was the biggest challenge then. But, look at where humans stand now. The transition from the stone age to the virtual age has been outstanding.

Humans, with their intellectual power, have made many new discoveries and inventions. Owing to these inventions we are leading a life where technology plays a huge role. The technological development is to such an extent that comfort is just a button click away in today’s world. This development seems good. But everything seems to have its pros and cons.
The advancement in medical technology has helped humans to sustain a complex or critical life situation which can be considered a positive side.
We, nowadays, get our food, groceries, clothing, etc ordered online using various technical applications which are helping us save our time. On the other hand, it is also making us lead a sedentary lifestyle which in turn will make us obese.
The technical advancements have made decreased the manual work many manifolds.
Due to its benefits, humans are becoming more and more dependent on technology.

Like humans are constantly evolving so is their technology. We are heading towards the Robotic Age. Yes, our future is robotics. Again, this will have its own pros and cons.
Robots might seem of great help to disabled people.
Many factories have started using robots at the workplace for maximum output and higher customer satisfaction index. Robots will help to grow productivity. Installing robots in the workplace will cost us our jobs.

Humans have also started cloning humans in the form of Humanoids. Humanoids are human-like looking robots which are controlled by humans.
Not so far seems the day when we will be able to see humans as much as Humanoids here and there.
With technology growing at so fast pace, no wonder when technology will take over the human race.
Hope, this robotic world or robots do not start controlling humans in the near future causing the humans to worry about the same problem they faced during stone age – Human existence.

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