Devbagh – a bewitching place

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Today, everybody is digitally connected to almost every other person but, has become slightly disconnected to nature’s bliss.
Digital detox has become one of the necessary activities today and one of the places to unwind yourself in the beauty of nature is the Konkan region of Maharashtra.
Amidst many other places in Konkan, Devbagh is a place which needs a special mention and which is what we are going to talk about.
Devbagh is situated in Sindhudurga district of Konkan region of Maharashtra.


Someone who has visited Sindhudurga earlier might be familiar with the places Tarkarli and Malvan.
Devbagh is located approximately 6 Kms. away from Tarkarli and 10kms. away from Malvan.
The moment you enter this place, you get lost in the rural beauty of this place; it is a bewitching quaint place.
The lush greens with cashew nut, coconut, mango plantations add to the beauty of this place.
Devbagh has a river ‘Karli’ flowing through. Flowing further there is a confluence of river Karli and Arabian sea.


Apart from the rural view, river Karli is a delight to watch and to enjoy some water sports.
Interesting is a fact here that a delta of landmass can be observed amid the water of river Karli. This popularly is known as ‘Tsunami island’.
The island was formed after the Tsunami struck in 2004. Hence, the name Tsunami island.
Across the banks of the river are small motor operated boats, owned by the villagers, which carry you to the island.
Tsunami island hosts water sports like Para-sailing, Jet-Ski, Boat rides, Banana rides etc.
There are also few stalls which serve delicious snacks; to name a few are tasty Vada Pav and mouth-watering Ukadiche modak.
You can enjoy your snacks time either sitting in the shacks or on the boat which carried you to the island.
Indulging in the delicious snacks in the small boat anchored amidst the water is a moment to experience.

In the vicinity of Tsunami island, there is another mass of land raised above the water which is fairly occupied by the flock of migratory birds, Seagulls.
It is known as ‘Seagull island’. This island can also be reached by the motor-operated boats.

In addition to all these, you can go for the dolphin sighting early in the morning.
Your journey for the same starts from river Karli in a small boat which is motor operated. Adventure fills your heart when your boat sailing smooth across the river Karli enters the Arabian sea where you can feel your boat swaying on the waves.
If you find yourself lucky enough, you can see the dolphins jumping in and out of the water in the Arabian sea.

When in Sindhudurga, if you plan to stay in Devbagh, you may find an array of cottages, resorts or places to stay in.
Kindly note to book the resorts/cottages in advance if you are to visit the place during a time like holidays, long weekends.
In case you face difficulties to find accommodation in Devbagh, you may try to find it in Malvan or Tarkarli.

The best time to visit Devbagh is in winter and summer.
Owing to high rainfall during monsoon, the water sports and other adventures are closed during that period.
In winter or summer, you may try visiting the place during weekdays when it is less crowded.

Nearby tourist attractions are Tarkarli beach, Malvan where you can experience Scuba diving, Sindhudurga fort, rock garden etc.

With so much to explore, this place is a must-visit.
Devbagh has made a lasting impression on my mind and I am surely making it a point to visit again sometime soon.

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