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Why so Judgemental?

Hello Friends,Everyone might have encountered with judgemental people in their life or sometimes may be surrounded with them all the time.”Look, how ugly is he/she looking!!!”, “He/She has got no dressing sense at all”, “You seem to be very happy, lottery lag gayi kya?”, “oh! She does not know how to cook. She is a …

rulers vs leaders

Ruler Vs. Leader

Hello Friends, Many of you might be wondering if there is at all any difference between a Ruler and a Leader. But, as our title suggests there certainly is. Actually, speaking Rulers and Leaders are the same in terms of kind of work they do but they are different in the manner how do they …


Namaste Everyone

Hello Friends, How do you greet people when you meet them.Most of the population in Urban India use “Hi” or “Hello” as a form of greeting.It is hard to find people in urban areas who greet with the good old Indian tradition of “Namaste” or “Namaskar”. There might be numerous reasons why people have adopted …