cast discrimination

Caste Discrimination

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A recent incident got me contemplating and to think if this really is the 21st century that we are living in.
Our country currently has many issues to tackle to transform our nation from developing to developed.
But, there stands one more issue which adds the burden to the list of issues to be resolved is “Caste Discrimination”.

The caste system has its origin in India since ancient times and has prevailed over the years.
As opposed to the thinking that caste discrimination will die down in the near future, it does not seem to cease soon.
The caste system is more prevalent in the rural areas as compared to the urban areas. But, this ugly issue does not seem to eradicate soon from the urban areas as well.
It is so disheartening to see people treating other people based on the caste they belong to.
I still fail to understand what pride do people take in mentioning their superiority based on caste discrimination when they can show no humanity towards others.
On one hand, though we are calling for equality, on the other hand, people are treated unequally depending upon their caste.
According to Article 15 of the constitution of India, discriminating any citizen on the ground of any religion, race, caste is prohibited.
But, still not many adhere to this rule.
In rural areas, the so-called upper caste is always trying to suppress the people belonging to the rest of the castes.
In ancient times, the caste system was formed on the basis of their occupation. But, now the same is not applicable. Then, should the caste system be still prevalent?
Society values the caste of the people before they value people. People are judged and characterized based on their caste.
And, this is not a good sign for humanity.

On the other hand, what is more disappointing to see is that even though we are in the 21st century, still the caste system forms the basis of education and government jobs.
Everybody deserves the right to education and primary education should be made free to everyone.
It is unfair that on basis of caste certain people have to pay higher fees than others for a particular educational course.
Also, certain people are given more facilities than the rest by the government.
Also, what sounds astonishing is that age criteria for application to a particular job is also based on caste.
Reservation system based on caste should be demolished and hope to see jobs being offered to the ones who deserve and not the ones who reserve.
If the government continues to discriminate people based on caste, social equality seems to be a long lost dream.
The government should help financially underprivileged people in terms of education and other facilities so that no one should remain devoid of their dream.

Let us work towards eradicating the caste system which will ensure that everybody is treated equally.

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