roti kapda makan

Beyond Roti, Kapada Aur Makan

Hello Friends,
If a question is being asked about what are our basic necessities then promptly comes a reply: Food, Clothing and, Shelter.
India being a developing country this list still holds true.
But, the question is in today’s fast-changing world are these necessities enough?Well, Food, Clothing and, Shelter is a traditional list of basic necessities.Education, Health care, Fuel, Electricity and Internet are few more additions to the list.
Yes, you read it right, the Internet has also become one of the basic necessity of life.In today’s technology paced world, many of our day-to-day activities have been made easy to be carried out due to the Internet.Few examples to list down are Money transactions, Ticket booking, Online shopping, Educational Admissions etc.No wonder, it is hard to see postmasters delivering letters. It is all due to email/chat facility on the internet that conversations happen. For a few sectors, life is unimaginable without the Internet.
Education is also one of the most important necessities without which life cannot be imagined today.While Urban people have all the access to good education, rural people still struggle for the same. 
Basic necessities of people may also vary depending upon their income groups.For most of the people with higher income apart from the traditional list luxurious life also becomes a basic necessity.for e.g: High-End Automobiles are one of their basic necessities they need to commute.
Just look at the irony of our country. For few people luxury has become a basic necessity, while for rest few Food, Clothing and Shelter are more than their necessities.People below the poverty line are still struggling to meet their basic needs.People in the rural area still do not have access to basic health care facilities.
Hope poverty eradicates soon and no one has to still struggle to achieve a life free from the worries of at least Roti, Kapada Aur Makan(Food, Clothing and, Shelter).

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Mr. Nitin Patil is a B.Tech Software Engineer by profession. He, with the dream of establishing his own company started ITDrivenn Pvt. Ltd. Prior to ITDrivenn, he owned a propriotership firm with the name of SNP Software which provided services like Website Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimization, e-Commerce, Content Management System, Social Media Marketing. But, he had a goal of making his company reach higher heights and make it’s reach global. Hence, started ITDrivenn Pvt. Ltd.

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