IT Technology to learn in 2020 – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Information technology is a constantly changing field. With these changing technologies, individuals in this field need to change themselves. If you want to keep yourself updated in this field, you need to learn new things. You can be anyone working in the field of Information Technology such as Developer, Designer, System Programmer, Database Administrator or Tester, but if you want to keep up with your work, you need to prove yourself by learning new technologies. Otherwise, someone else can replace you. Today, we are going to look at Artificial Intelligence (AI), a very imperative technology to learn in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the skill and talent of a computer program or a machine to think, realize, understand and learn. It is also a technology of study which tries to make computers or machine ‘smart’. They operate individually without being programmed with instructions.

Why learn Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

A lot of importance has been gained by Artificial Intelligence in the present. Artificial Intelligence has begun to be used in all companies and all kinds of businesses. According to market reports, there is a high demand for AI in India but the resources who work on it are not available more. Therefore, learning this technology is very significant for a bright and optimistic future.

Is AI tough or easy?

Yes and No. Truly it depends upon the individual and to be honest, A.I. is tough to learn if you are not interested in it. Even if you are interested in it, you will get irritated by the number of Algorithms, Training data, Modeling and other child fields of A.I like Machine learning and Deep learning. So if you want to learn A.I, first make sure your mindset and attention accordingly. Once you find it interesting, it won’t be tough anymore.

Which is better for A.I. – Java or Python?

AI developers favor Python over Java because of its easiness, comfort of use, and convenience. However, a big benefit of Java over Python is in performance. With its Java virtual machine (JVM) java is the most proficient language when it comes to speed and optimization. Java handles concurrency better than Python.

Can I learn AI online?

Yes, you can.

Top 10 countries leading the Artificial Intelligence

  1. China
  2. USA
  3. UK
  4. Canada
  5. Russia
  6. Germany
  7. Norway
  8. Sweden
  9. France
  10. India

What is the salary paid for Artificial Intelligence in India?

The basic salary for a Data Scientist, IT with Machine learning skills starts from Rs. 8 to 10 lakhs per year. Experience strongly influences pay for this job. Yet, over 4,000 positions in India remain unfilled due to a deficiency of qualified talent at the mid and senior level.

In this article, we have briefly covered basic things related to Artificial Intelligence. In the next article, we will look at Machine Learning (ML – a subset of AI) and Data Scientist.

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