Why use HTML Editor?

For beginners or expert web developers, developing a new website can be an overwhelming and complicated process. 

It is a good idea to use HTML Editor for this purpose. Web editors come with various tools that simplify creating a website.

Below are some of the reasons why to use a HTML editor.

To make building the website faster: Syntax highlighting, adding common HTML elements and split-screen editing in the HTML editors make code written smoothly and easily in the shortest amount of time.

Helps to learn HTML:Most HTML editors have color-coding and syntax highlighting features. So we can understand the difference between different languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Also, if we type the opening tag, it shows its closing tag.

Avoid source code errors:HTML editors spot errors in every code with the help of spell-check and error detection features. For example, if you forget to write the closing tag, the editor will notify you.

Optimizes code for SEO:Some HTML editors have built-in search engine optimization functionality.

Neitin Patil – Founder and Director, ITDrivenn Pvt.Ltd.

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