Household tasks – not only a woman’s responsibility

I always keep on contemplating a thought which makes me feel worried and sad. Why is it that cleaning and cooking are considered a gender role? Why are cleaning and cooking considered as “ladkiyon wale kaam”. Some people consider it a taboo for men to do household chores.

I personally feel that cleaning and cooking should not be gender responsibility. Before getting married, a girl is mostly being asked “Ghar ke kaam aate hain”? I always wonder why girls are always expected to know the household chores and boys are spared from the same. There is no harm for boys in learning these basic skills.

In a family where both husband and wife are earning a livelihood, many times only wife is expected to take care of the household chores as well. If the task of earning a livelihood can be shared then why can’t the household tasks be shared? Even if a woman is a housewife, she has to take care of all the household chores and whatnot without being offered any help. The load should be shared by all the possible members of the family.

It is a man’s responsibility as much a women’s to take care of the house. I feel that a girl before getting married can expect her man to share the load of household chores.

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