Isro launches Chandrayaan-2: a big day for India

Yesterday was a big day for India and we as Indians are immensely proud about the ISRO’s second lunar mission ‘Chandrayaan-2’. Chandrayaan-2 was lifted off at 2:43 pm today at Shriharikota and was successfully launched in the geo-orbit. A thrill of excitement ran through after knowing about the successful liftoff of ISRO’s mission to launch the lander-rover to earth’s only natural satellite. With the successful landing of the lander-rover, India will become the 4th country to land on the lunar surface after USSR, US, China. We are very grateful to ISRO and the team of scientists and engineers, who, with their immense efforts made it possible. Also, we are thankful to our former prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh who sanctioned the mission Chandrayaan-2 in 2008. Wishing a huge success for the mission. Proud to be an Indian.

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